Drunk in a Dumpster - We Don’t Give A Fuck

from Drunk in a Dumpster // No Anger Control by No Profit Records



What the fuck is your problem
Was it something that we said
Why are you so solemn
What’s in your fucking head

You stand there and pass judgement
When we’re playing on the stage
No need to be repugnant
We just wanna fucking rage

If you think that we suck…
Well, we gotta be honest with ya man, we don’t give a fuck
In fact everyone knows you’re just a worthless schmuck
So when it comes to your opinion we simply don’t give a flying fuck

Are there rules that we have broken
You talk about us behind our back
Is it cause we’re not outspoken
You feel a need to talk your smack

You said our record blows
We all laughed when we read that
So arrogant with your prose
Piss off you fucking rat

If you think that we suck…
Well, guess what asshole, we don’t give a fuck
And this is the part of the song that doesn’t even fucking rhyme
See I told ya… we don’t give a fuck

You and your friends are the majority
You think that you’re the scene authority
Well punk won’t be your priority
When you’re a fucking sell out at the age of forty

We can’t change society
We don’t want notoriety
Fuck you and your anxiety
We only stand against sobriety

We don’t give a fuck (8x)


from Drunk in a Dumpster // No Anger Control, released April 1, 2016


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